Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Visual Computing Lab, Pisa, Italy


Scientist in Charge: Dr. Paolo Cignoni

CNR-ISTI is an institute of CNR, located in Pisa and mostly devoted to research on ICT, active on several major domains that include Visual Media and Cultural Heritage. CNR-ISTI will join the consortium with its Visual Computing Lab (VCL) research unit ( The Visual Computing Lab (VCLab), one of the research departments of CNR-ISTI, has been active in visualisation and computer graphics since 1984; it is now composed of 21 members. Current research focuses on the design of 3D digitization/scanning, geometric data processing, visualization systems, multi-resolution representation and rendering of huge datasets, 3D Web Applications. VCLab has a long track record in the use of 3D graphics for Cultural Heritage applications, with important collaborations with CH institutions at national and international levels (museums, restoration labs, governing bodies). It has a very solid experience in the design of open source systems (e.g. MeshLab and the recent 3DHOP family of web-based visualizers