Holografika Ltd., Budapest, Hungary

Website: http://www.holografika.com

Scientist in Charge: Attila Barsi

Holografika Ltd. is a private company (SME). Being an R&D company, Holografika has been focusing on real-time holography and other photonic technologies, and follows a unique research path in 3D display technology, being the first producer of a “real 3D” Light-field display system. Alongside several 3D display generations, the company develops related technologies, like 3D acquisition, compression and formats. In 2005 Holografika Ltd. was a recipient of Red Herring 100 Europe award. In 2006 The World Economic Forum has announced Holografika as a Technology Pioneer. In 2008, Holografika won the „Best Exhibit” Silver Prize at ICT Lyon Exhibition. In 2014, Holografika won the “One to Watch” award at the GPU Technology Conference.