Foveated rendering for large-high-resolution displays



In collaboration with UZH, the fellow will focus on developing adaptive acquisition and rendering methods for foveal Large High-Resolution Displays. Research questions will include new methods for dynamic camera and frustum selection, efficient data structures for foveal scene representations, and GPU-based RGB and RGB-D video stream processing.

Expected Results

Scientific publications, research reports, prototype implementation of a shared telepresence visualization space.

Specific Requirements

The position requirese prior knowlede in computer graphics, computer vision, or visual computing. Hence, the background needs to be a M.Sc. in Computer Science or a closely related field. Skills in programming (C/C++, Matlab, OpenGL, OpenCV) are required.

Host Institution

Supervisor: Prof. Oliver Staadt
Chair in Visual Computing
Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
University of Rostock

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