Standardizing optical material properties



The main task is to extend existing color management workflows towards a unified and standardized pipeline to establish faithful correspondence between the virtual 3D representation of an object and its physical appearance. The candidate will evaluate existing approaches which ensure color accuracy of 3D models, as well as methods that can improve the overall color management workflow for photogrammetry and even other techniques of 3D digitization.

An additional long-term goal will be the measurement of the physical object response to changes in incoming light and outgoing perspective, expressed in its various components of optical material behavior, such as translucency, reflectance, and observer-dependent color changes.

ESR11 will closely collaborate with ESR12 in order to build a bridge from the physical object over its virtual representation towards the color-calibrated, 3D printed replica.

In other words, the overall goal is to join the development of a 3D replicator.

Expected Results

Scientific publications, research reports, a guideline and a prototypic implementation for the processing pipeline specified above.

Required Skills

Advanced skills in C++, good skills in Matlab advantageous, good code-documenting habits. Knowledge in linear algebra, interest in 3D digitization, basic understanding of color calibration and characterization. Proficient in written and spoken English, responsible independent worker.

Host Institution

Supervisor: P. Santos, M. Domajnko and M. Ritz
Fraunhofer IGD
Darmstadt, Germany

PhD-Granting Institution

Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt, Germany

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