Color and translucency for fabrication



The ESR will simulate color and subsurface light transport of any voxel-based arrangement of printing materials – for which the absorption and scattering coefficients have been measured beforehand – using a Monte-Carlo path tracer (e.g. Mitsuba) that solves the full steady-state Radiative Transfer Equation. He will use these simulations to develop a voxel-based 3D error-diffusion algorithm for reproducing color and subsurface light transport by utilizing color-related redundancies of the multimaterial 3D printer. In addition, s/he will work on extended gamut mapping algorithms to exploit the full capabilities of a 3D printer allowing for both color and translucency. Finally, the ESR will implement error-diffusion and gamut-mapping algorithms and include them into the 3D printing pipeline Cuttlefish.

Expected Results

Prototype implementation and published papers on new error-diffusion and gamut mapping algorithms for 3D printing.

Host Institution

Supervisor: P. Urban
Fraunhofer IGD
Darmstadt, Germany

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