Perceptually accurate light-field display rendering



In collaboration with UNIRO, the fellow will go beyond the current state of applicability by way of the integration and distributed parallel implementation of industry standard scene-graph and real-time ray-tracing based rendering concepts, which were not originally designed for distributed concurrent rendering. Research questions will include how to improve throughput of such a system and how to apply, adapt and invent existing and novel rendering techniques for light field displays on GPU clusters.

Expected Results

Scientific publications, research reports, prototype implementation of an advanced light field rendering engine.

Specific Requirements

The position requires prior knowledge in computer graphics. Hence, the background needs to be an M.Sc. in Computer Science or a closely related field. Skills in programming (C/C++ with MSVC and GCC toolsets, OpenGL or Direct3D, OpenCL or Cuda) are required. Proficiency with Linux operating systems and GPU clusters is an advantage.

Host Institution

Supervisor: Attila Barsi, Lead Software Developer
Tibor Balogh, CEO
Holografika Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary

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